Friday, 3 February 2017

The Trout fishing will start in earnest at the beginning of March! Watch this space folks, because we have great plans for the Trout stocking for the 2017 season .We have some cracking fish ear marked with our suppliers, so expect good things! Keep in touch via telephone 015394 36541 or social media to find out exact dates and further details!
Words cannot describe what a fantastic winter Pike season it has been so far. I literally have a mountain of catch returns in front of me, so please excuse me if you don’t get a mention in this report. But please keep them coming, with pictures and we will mention your catch when we can. Once again in general terms we have had a reasonably trouble free winter weather wise and this has allowed anglers, both season ticket holders and day ticket fisherman a like to keep coming on a regular basis and get the time in when they can. But one thing is for sure the Pike fishing has been very consistent from the start! At the beginning of the season, lures and trolled deads outscored the static baits, however over recent weeks and with a huge drop in water temperature it has been the other way round, as the Pike became lethargic.
So just going through some of the recent captures. Season ticket holder Dan Whirtty has been a lucky boy fishing static deads from the boats, recording Pike of 13, 18, 20 and 21lb respectively. Sean Whitaker landed a nice brace, a 14lb and 19 pounder. Ian Bland had 3 to 17lb on lures and deads from the boats. Old Geoff “fish on” Birtwistle has reported an 18, a 2x 12, a 16 and a 19 pounder, plus jacks on static deads .  H.A.C member John Bradley reported a 10 a 14 and an 18 pounder to similar tactics.
Last years Grand Slam winner Ian Spence took to the boats and again reported a great multiple catch of 3 doubles to 15lb. Geoff Barton nailed a cracking 23 pounder. Tom Wignall lure fished from the boats and landed a lovely 17 pounder. Terry Blake reported a 16 pounder, again from the boats. Paul Mattinson reported 8x doubles over 2 trips , best 17lb. I even managed a days pleasure fishing myself last weekend and landed a cracking brace. A double and this immaculate 20 plus pounder! (see attached photo)
From the bank Stewart Mclandlish landed a true monster off the boathouse stretch on Herring. I have seen the photos, but unfortunately he did not have scales, but believe me this fish was an upper twenty at least, if not bigger! Those people that have seen the photos of this fish will know what I am talking about? Callum Hudson from Leeds fished the point opposite the ticket office last week and landed a brace of doubles to 17lb. H.A.C member David Black landed a cracking 21 pounder on static deadbait. Another H.A.C member Harry Poxon landed a 14 and a 17 pounder, again from the bank. Ben Ralph from Skipton landed a 17lb 9oz specimen off the car park. Also fishing off the car park season ticket holder Ian Driscoll landed a jack, a 16 and a 20lb’er again on deads.
The guided Pike fishing trips have been going very well this winter with only 2 blank days since the start of October. There have been numerous doubles and a good few twenty pounders caught by clients too. So if you fancy a great day out on the water with a guide, please do not hesitate to contact me. It could be the best days fishing you have ever had! Trips will be available until the end of March, so book early to avoid disappointment. Just as an example, Tom Buxton had a great day last weekend, landing an upper double and a personal best 20lb plusser ( see attached photo). Well done to Tom, cracking fish, hope to see you and your dad again soon mate!
Don’t forget we are now open year round for general Coarse fishing. Day tickets are £10 and the use of groundbait and maggots is permitted. Long range feeder tactics are best during the cold weather and the best of the fishing at present is off the point opposite the ticket office, the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank and the Grubhole in the North basin. But expect these locations to change as the weather warms and expect all the Coarse species to be at their maximum weights prior to spawning. Happy days!
For daily updates, catches, reports and news please either telephone us prior to your visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 3 November 2016

The autumn fry bashing is in full swing here at Esthwaite and although the Trout fishing has been challenging of late, there has been a few good reports.
Peter Stone,, a visiting angler from London fished from the boats with a sinking line and Cats Whisker combo’ to record 3 nice Trout to 2lb. Ian Farrell from Widnes also employed similar tactics from the boats , using Zonker  and Sparkler patterns on a Di-3 line. He landed 2 nice fish about 1lb 8oz each.
John Peacock from Preston fished legered worm from the boathouse banking on the Eastern bank and landed 4 fish about a pound each. Meanwhile James Dean from Kendal fished mini Rapalas and tempted 3 Trout to 2lb 8oz. However best reported Trout of late was taken by Dave Ainsworth who fished a 7 gram Toby from the boats. He landed a beautifully conditioned grown on fish of 3lb+.
Prospects for the forthcoming weeks look very good as long as the weather holds, but it is a reminder to all, that the Brown Trout have to be released when caught until 15th March!
Well what can I say but “wow”, what a start to the Pike season we have had this year. There have been numerous reports of doubles and 20lb+ specimens  since we opened on 1st October. Pike have been coming out left , right and centre. From the bank as well as the boats and on a variety of methods, including lures and deadbaits, both static and trolled.
Paul Brindle from Ramsbottom fished from the boats and landed a 20lb 13oz Pike on the fly, with a few back up fish too.
Drew Mcwilliam from Barrow has visited the fishery a couple of times and fished trolled deadbaits from the boats and has reported fish of 14, 18 and 25lb respectively. Also from Barrow and fishing from the boats, Mark Carding and Jack Harris have reported fish of 13, 14, 2x 15, 18 and a 20lb’er on lures and static deads.
Season ticket angler Ian Driscoll from Wigan has reported fish of 12, 15, 16 and 22lb from both boat and bank ( see attached photo). Another season ticket holder Martin Broadhurst has reported numerous fish to 18lb. Geoff Birtwistle has reported fish to 18lb on static Mackerel baits.
Mark Billington has reported plenty of action too with fish to 17lb. Patrick Milby from Ulverston fished the car park peg from the bank and landed a cracker at 21lb 2oz on Pollan. John Whittal reported fish on lures and deads to 20lb+ and Delwyn Hobbs from Liverpool fished deads off the car park to take a magnificent 21lb’er (see attached photo). There’s also been many, many more!
For those that are daunted by large stillwaters or who are new to Pike fishing, we offer a top class guiding service with 30 years experience on Esthwaite Water. We have been very busy on the guiding front since the start of October with plenty of satisfied customers landing the fish of their dreams and only one blank day since the start of the season. To find out more about the guiding service  please contact Dave on 015394 36541.
The general Coarse fishing has continued to be excellent with plenty of quality bags of Roach, Rudd, Bream, hybrids and Perch reported on feeder and sliding waggler tactics. Don’t forget folks we are open year round now for the Coarse fishing. Day tickets cost just £10 and the use of Groundbait and maggots are permitted. The boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank has been in good form. Also the banking opposite the ticket office as well as the car park pegs have been throwing up consistent sport. From the boats, anglers have been doing  brilliantly with the slider and dropshotting for the Perch has been red hot with fish to 2lb+ reported. Esthwaite is growing in popularity for the Coarse fishing and is becoming “The” place to visit in the North of England. So for all those Coarse fishing fanatics out there, no more travelling to Loch Ken. Its right here at Esthwaite in the heart of the Lake District!
For up to date information please telephone or email the fishery. Also feel free to keep up with daily reports on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Tightlines!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Friday, 19 August 2016


In the Trout fisherman’s calendar , August is always a tough month! The Trout at this time of year disappear into the depths to find the sanctuary of cooler water. Presentation with fly and spinner is difficult when the fish are residing 20 feet below the surface, however worm can be held in this zone all day long and this interesting fact has been reflected in the catch returns of late!
11 year old Tom Pearson from Surrey was on holiday and went out on the boats with his dad Peter for the day. They both fished worm in the deeps and landed 4 nice Brown Trout to just under 2lb. Scott Carter from Lancaster also fished deep with worm and recorded 5 Trout to 2lb+. Also Dave Carter from the West Midlands took 4 nice fish , including a nice over wintered fish of 3lb on similar tactics.
Anthony Jones from Glamorgan  fished fly on a very fast sinking line from the boats and managed a nice brace of brownie’s to 2lb! Also Frank Armstrong had a great result on similar tactics recording 3 nice fish to 1lb 8oz , again from the boats!
Spinner has accounted for the odd fish lately, but early mornings and evenings have been best for fishing up in the water! Indeed Dave Linton from Hull fished an early session from the far bank, opposite the ticket office and landed a nice brace of Trout, one tipped the scales at 3lb 11oz!
As far as the Trout fishing is concerned though, roll on September, we need some good spell’s  of wind and rain to get the fish up on the surface again. Anyway September is nearly here, so expect sport to improve no end!
The Coarse fishing has been on fire recently with many bags reported in the 40-50lb region of mixed, Roach, Rudd, Bream , Perch and some cracking hybrids! Long range feeder tactics reign supreme, however 3 lads fished the car park peg last week with pole and recorded over 100lb of fish on float and maggot combo, between them! They had Roach to 2lb, Perch to 2lb, hybrids to 3lb 9oz and Bream to 5lb+. Don’t forget we are open year round now for general Coarse fishing and day tickets are only £10! Also Carl Hunter and his mate from Barrow fished the boathouse stretch last week and recorded over 50lb to Carl and his mate had 69 individual fish in a single session. They took Roach to 1lb 4oz, Perch to 1lb 4oz and hybrids to 3lb 8oz!
To find out more on the fishing, please follow us on Facebook ,Twitter and Google+. Or you can contact Dave Coleman, fishery manager  on 015394 36541.
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Saturday, 9 July 2016

With the much needed cooler conditions, the Trout fishing is improving no end, with fish back in the top 10 feet of water. Water temperatures have dropped by 10 degrees F in the last two weeks. Surface activity is good now, fly life is in abundance, with plenty of Buzzer, Sedge and Damsels coming off the water. Best top of the water action is still early mornings and late evenings, but given the right conditions fish have been rising freely throughout the day too. The Coarse fish have spawned now and fry bashing is also in full swing!
Johnathon Palmer from Grange Over Sands enjoyed a terrific evening on the buzzer, landing 4 nice brown’s to 2lb+ from the boats in the South basin. Also Peter Johnson from Lancaster fished from the boats and enjoyed hectic sport taking 7 Trout to just under 2lb on small wets and Muddler pattern’s.
Even though the water has cooled now its still the worm and spinning tactics that are most effective!
David Greasby from Liverpool float fished worm and landed 6 nice fish around the pound mark, again from the boats. Anthony Taylor also fished worm from the boats and landed 5! Frank Jones from North Wales also landed 4 nice fish with the best tipping the scales at just under 3lb!
On the spinner Alistair Hargreaves took 5 Trout to 1.5lb from the boats and John Parks from Kendal landed 3 and reportedly lost a monster double figure Brown Trout at the net from the Swimming Pool in the North basin!
Best areas at present include the boathouse banking on the Eastern bank, Smoothbeck shore and Swimming Pool in the North basin. In the South basin the ticket office frontage and Strickland bay are fishing well!
We still have places left for our last discounted fly fishing tuition day of the season on Saturday 16th July if anyone is interested? The session starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm. It costs just £20 and is a great introduction for anyone that wants to start fly fishing. All tackle is provided and bookings must be taken in advance by telephoning Dave on 015394 36541.
The Coarse fishing is on fire at the moment. They have all spawned now and are ravenous and bags of 30-40lb are not uncommon! Day tickets cost just £10 and long range feeder with maggots and groundbait reign supreme in the tactics department!
Don’t forget to keep up with all the daily news on the fishing here at Esthwaite Water, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Despite the recent hot weather and cooking water temperatures, the lake has been fishing very well for the Trout. Fly anglers have sruggled with surface activity, however fish have been coming to the surface to feed for brief intervals during the mornings and late evenings. There’s plenty of fly life about, buzzer, alders, sedge and damsels all hatching in abundance. Worm fisherman on the other hand have been doing very well indeed, due to the fact the Trout have been predictably holding deep and presentation at 20 feet down is achievable all day long!
John Parks from Preston fished from the boats and landed 9 Brown Trout on float fished worm. Stanley Bishop from Shrewsbury fished similar tactics and landed 5 nice fish to 2lb+. Arthur Peterson from London also fished deep from the boats and landed 7 brownie’s.
From the banking Hawkshead Angling Club member Harry Poxon landed 4 nice Trout on legered worm from the bank. Meanwhile Chris Brant and Steve Bool from Surrey landed 24 Trout between them on legered worm!
One or two fly anglers have got amongst the fish when conditions have been right! Dave Driscoll from South Wales fished cats whisker on a Hi-d line from the boats and took 5 nice fish, one being an over wintered beauty of 3lb+. Also Reg Holden from Berkshire fished deep with buzzer patterns and landed 4 Trout.
Last weekend we hosted the Esthwaite Water Kayak Grand Slam competition. 31 anglers fished the competition and most of the contestants managed the Grand Slam of catching all three species of Trout, Pike and Perch. So the whole weekend of camaraderie was a resounding success!
In third place was Chris Mccauley with 143cm. In second place was Graham Busuttil with 157cm and Paul Fennell won the competition with an overall length of 158cm. Well done Paul, thats the second time he has won this competition, top angling mate!
Last but not least Ben Pickering won the junior section of the competition with an overall length of 58cm.Well done Ben!
A big thank you goes out to the competition sponsors Lowrance and Berley Pro for supplying some fantastic prizes!
Anyone interested in fishing next years Esthwaite Water Kayak Grand Slam should contact Sam Baxter on 07981987188.
Don’t forget folks that we are now open year round for general Coarse fishing. Day tickets cost just £10. This is a fantastic opportunity for the avid Coarse angler to target Esthwaite’s pristine Coarse fish stocks of Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Eels. Pike fishing is NOT included and we still maintain a strict close season for the Pike from October 1st until 31st March!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Trout fishing here at Esthwaite has been great recently. It’s not been easy , challenging is the word. But right up until the beginning of last week it was almost winter conditions. In the space of a week or so the weather has picked up. Water temperatures are on the rise and it’s an improving picture! There is plenty of surface activity. Buzzers and Alders are coming off the lake in numbers and there’s one or two damsels starting to appear!
All methods are working at present and there’s plenty of fish coming from both the boat and the bank! There’s still fish being taken in Stockie bay. Strickland bay is also worth a thrash! Up in the North basin Grubhole and Swimming pool are also the places to head for. Meanwhile from the bank. The car park banking is fishing well as is the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank.
Johnathon Taylor from Preston landed 4 nice brown’s to 2lb+ on sinking line and damsel nymph combo from the boats. Tim Jenkins from South Wales also had a great day on the boats, landing 3 nice fish on floating line and traditional wets, including butcher’s and Mallard and claret!
Harry Press from Manchester landed a brace of Trout on spinner from the boats, best fish tipping the scales at 2lb! Geoff Tutt from Southampton also landed a nice brace on worm from the boats!
Chris Williams also landed a brace on spinner from the boats. Meanwhile Chris Smith landed 3 again on spinning tactics from the boats!
Fishing from the bank Jack Green from Liverpool landed 3 to legered worm and last but certainly not least Tom Robertson from Manchester caught and released an estimated 15 Trout from the boathouse banking on legered worm!
Another 500 fish were stocked again yesterday so if you are planning a trip to Esthwaite, now is the time!
There are still places left for our discounted fly fishing tuition days. Dates include 29th May, 4th June and 16th July respectively. The sessions start at 10am and finish at 2pm and only cost £20 each. Participants are provided with the tackle on the day, but you will need a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses with you. Also don’t forget a valid EA licence! If you have not got one, then you can purchase one here on the day!
To keep up with daily activity here at the fishery, please follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Google+. To book a boat or make enquiries please telephone Dave on 015394 36541.
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Saturday, 2 April 2016

The lake received its first stocking on March 3rd. With 750 top quality triploid Brown Trout stocked and another 750 went in the following week! Sport has been very good from the word go, with fish falling to all methods including  fly, spinner and worm . Both boat and bank anglers are doing well , but boat anglers are getting a higher success rate, with the freedom of movement as the newly stocked fish are still congregating in small shoals.
The South end of the lake is still fishing best and Stockie Bay and the car park are throwing up the most fish! However the Swimming Pool and the Grubhole in the North basin is also producing numbers of Trout.
Steve Watson from Wolverhampton fished from the boats and landed 4 nice brownies on floating line and buzzer combo. Peter Johnson from Windermere also opted for the imitative approach, fishing buzzers and hares ears, landing 7 Trout to 2lb+, again on a floating line set up!
Meanwhile Wigan based John Cooper landed 4 Trout, including an over wintered specimen of 4lb 8oz on worm from the car park banking. However the best fish so far has fallen to Ian Driscoll from Wigan who landed a cracking over wintered fish of 6lb 9oz and was taken on a spinner!
We still have places left on our discounted fly fishing tuition days, only £20 per head. Dates include 16th April, 7th May, 29th May, 4th June and 16th July respectively. Please telephone Dave on 015394 36541 to book your place!
What a cracking end to our Pike season we had with numerous double figure and twenty pound plus specimens reported on lures and deadbaits. Graham Dwyer from the Wirral boat fished using static deadbaits and landed a 10lb and a 16lb 1oz Pike. Steve Coward and George Johnson from Sunderland bank fished and landed specimens of 13lb, 15lb and 18lb 8oz. Season ticket holder John Ashurst landed a 16lb’er. Phil Pratt landed 4 Pike to 17lb 8oz on lures and deads from the boats. Nige Cooper fished from the boats and landed a jack , a 15 and an 18lb’er.
Geoff Carlson fished the boathouse banking and landed a jack and a 16lb 1oz fish. Paul Cooper from Hereford landed a 15lb’er on Herring. John Sherlock from Wallasey fished fly and took a jack and a 15lb’er from the boats. Mark Billington landed a 14, 2x 16lb’ers and an 18lb’er, again from the boats. Egidijus Anickas from Nelson landed 4 Pike to 15lb on lures from the boats. Jim Scott landed a 13, 14 and a 16lb’er on deads from the bank. Chris Harris had 3 doubles to 17lb on trolled lures. Ted Crush from Kent landed another 2 Pike to 18lb. Sean Whitaker landed 3 to 18lb. And Ian Bland landed 3 to 15lb on lures and deadbaits.
Geoff Birtwistle from Bury landed a personal best 21 pounder on Mackerel from the boats.(see attached photo). Last but certainly not least John Bradley landed 6 Pike including 2 x twenties. A 21lb 2oz and 21lb 4oz respectively on staic deadbaits.(see attached photo).