Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Latest Report!

The excellent fishing continues here at Esthwaite, despite some unsettled weather over the last week or so. Fish can still be found deep in the water column, however better numbers of fish have been taken closer to the surface. First thing in the morning and last thing at night has seen good surface presence as the trout take full advantage of hatching damsels, buzzers and sedges. Fry feeding is also in full swing and seems to be frenetic when the fish are gorging on the huge shoals, which are now packing themselves into the shallow bays! Once again some truly superb bags, have been reported over the last couple of weeks.
Hawkshead Angling club member Shaun Hunter had a day to remember. Fishing from the boats Shaun took 16 Rainbows to 3lb+ on worm fished at 15 feet deep. Also fishing similar tactics John Gardner has taken 25 rainbows and browns over 2 visits. John’s best fish is a 4lb rainbow.
Season ticket angler Bill Hethrington from Barrow had a good day on the spinner, taking 6 rainbows to 3lb+, from the boats!
Dave Wragg, from Derby took a 3lb 8oz rainbow, plus 11 others, on worm from the boats. [ see attached picture ].
Kristian Mead, Tim Smith and Adam Dlugoszewski from Northamptonshire all fished worm, deep from the boats and landed 6 rainbows to 2lb 8oz.  [ see attached picture ].
Meanwhile John Price from Essex fished fly and took 5 rainbows and 2 browns on fast sinking line and lure combo’s from the boats. John tempted his catch on boobies and nymphs fished washing line style!
Kaleb Patterson, aged 12 from Bolton fished with his dad from the boats and took 2 rainbows on float fished worm.
Best areas include the weather buoy, right up to swimming pool in the North basin. Meanwhile the cages and strickland bay are the best areas in the South basin, with the ticket office frontage also producing good numbers of fish. Best bank areas continue to be the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the eastern bank.
If anyone wants to join Hawkshead Angling Club, for the 2012 season which has now got NO geographical boundaries for eligibility, please contact the club secretary Emma Macintosh on 015394 36116 or email alex@garishglobes.co.uk. Membership is £135 for adults or £31 for juniors and members qualify for a 60% discounts on the boats.
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Latest Report!


The fantastic fishing continues here on Esthwaite Water with some truly outstanding catches reported! Huge hatches of olive buzzers, along with hatches of sedges and damsels have provided some hectic surface sport, especially early mornings and late in the evenings. When the sun is high in the sky, the fish have been dispersing off to deeper water to feeding on the daphnia, however those anglers that adapt to the conditions and understand the daily pattern have been recording some excellent sport for the time of year!
England youth star John Macintosh fished the North basin around the weather buoy and landed 6 browns and rainbows to 3lb+, employing a Di-7 and Kelly greens, blobs and nymph combo’s. Also Peter Johnson from Fife in Scotland took 7 rainbows to 2lb+, fishing a fast sinking line and minkies, again from around the weather buoy in the North basin!
The best method though, by a long chalk lately has been worm fished deep from the boats. Either around the cages or in the middle of the North basin, over the deeper stretches of the lake!
Mark Stangrom from Harrogate fished from the boats and recorded 5 rainbows to 4lb 8oz, fishing worm, 15-20 feet down.
Meanwhile season ticket holder John Gardner from Morecambe has been taking the place apart. Over 3 visits John has landed 23 brown’s and rainbow’s. John took rainbows to 3lb and returned a cracking grown on Brown Trout of 5lb 8oz. All John’s fish were taken on fly and worm from the boats!
Also fishing worms deep, Shaun Peacock, Kevin Peacock and Terry Day from Preston landed 10 rainbows to 4lb 12oz from the boats. Mr Evans a visiting angler from Ipswich took 5 rainbow’s again on similar tactics.
Venue regular  John Blenkey from Newcastle also experienced a fantastic days sport taking 3 rainbow’s to 4lb on worm from the boats [ see attached picture ].
However star of the show was Harris Golden aged 6 from Manchester, who took this cracking brace of rainbows to 2lb 12oz, fishing spinner, from the boats with his dad [ see attached picture ].
Bank anglers are experiencing some good sport, however the best swims at present tend to be the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the eastern bank. There have been good reports from both of those areas and worm fished deep under a sliding float have been the successful tactics!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M