Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Warmer weather is with us now and what a difference it has made to the fishing. Over the last couple of weeks any number of over wintered specimens have been reported on a variety of methods. Buzzers are now coming off the water in good number, however with the water temperatures still a bit low, surface sport is yet to get going, however I am sure this will change soon. Those that have been fishing sub surface, with fry patterns have reported the best results.

Kayak angler Andrew Hoyle from Manchester fished a mepps spinner to take a nice brace of brownies to 5lb 9oz. Meanwhile Hawkshead Angling Club member Bill Blakeney from Bootle also employed spinner from the boats to take a fine conditioned 6lb brownie. Also using spinning tactics Christian Marsden from Halifax landed a superb over wintered specimen of 7lb 2oz. Paul Bird from York also took a 2lb 8oz brownie, plus a few back up smaller fish also on spinner.

Fly anglers that have been employing early season tactics of sunken lines and fry patterns have been recording some good catches also. Indeed 12 year old James Dixon from Buckinghamshire took a fine over wintered rainbow of 9lb 12oz from the boats on a cats whisker. Hawkshead Angling Club member Wayne Joyce from nearby Kendal had a 20 minute battle royal on his hands to land a fantastic 10lb 4oz Brown Trout also taken on sinking line and cats whisker combo’, from the boats in the North basin.(see attached photo)

The pick of the catch returns though goes to season ticket angler and venue regular John Johnstone from Surrey. John fished 6 days in a row and took 6 Pike into double figures. 12 smaller fish and over wintered Brown Trout of 6lb 4oz, 8lb 4oz and a new fishery record brownie of 12lb 8oz. All fish were taken on a mixture of gold head damsels, zonkers and cats whiskers. What a week he had! (see attached photo)

22 anglers fished the Chaplow’s cup last weekend. In third place Sam Tattershall weighed in 1 fish for 1lb 13oz. In second place Terry Potter weighed in 3 fish for 5lb 5oz and the winner Phil Hawkins weighed in 2 fish for 8lb. Once again this any method competition was well attended and a good time was had by all. The winner of the competition Phil Hawkins weighed in another over wintered specimen of 6lb 4oz, taken on spinning tactics.

Meanwhile 7 pairs fished heat 2 of the Esthwaite Open Pairs competition on Saturday. In second place Ernie Craster and Peter Crowe weighed in 2 fish for 2lb 5oz. In first place the England Youth squad members John Macintosh and James Atkinson weighed in 3 fish for 4lb 1oz. Both pairs now qualify for the grand final in September. Well done to both pairs they had to work hard on the day during testing conditions. The next heat of the competition will take place on Saturday 11th May, please contact the fishery if you would like to enter the heat – 015394 36541.

Also for all you competition anglers out there the Esthwaite 2013 Individuals competition will take place on Sunday 19th May. Again this is an event not to be missed, please contact the fishery for more details, there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Best Regards

David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Its hard to imagine that we are into the second week of April, with no buds on the trees, a water temperature of 3 degrees Celsius, fish down in the water and a minimal amount of fly life coming off the lake and a biting Easterly wind that seems to of gone on for weeks. Well if forecasts are to be believed then we should have an improvement in conditions come the weekend. Despite the poor start, weather wise to the season, there has been good sport encountered with fish getting caught on all methods and from both boat and bank anglers alike.

Peter Johnson from Glasgow fished spinner from the banking opposite the ticket office and landed 4 browns to 1lb 8oz. Meanwhile Jonathon Mitchell from Manchester also fared well with the spinner, landing 3 fish from the boat jetty!

Fly fisherman have been getting a few fish on buzzers and nymphs from the boats, however the sinking line approach with fry patterns and lures have been accounting for the best bags. Indeed Charlie Prichard from Carlisle managed half a dozen fish on black cats whiskers on a Di-3 line fishing around the weather buoys and David Sharpe from Preston also hit his limit bag on similar tactics.

There have also been some nice sized fish reported. Geoff Bourne from Stoke took a nice brace of fish from the boats, the best tipping the scales at 6lb+. Geoff fished a sink tip line and Diawl Bach combo’ at the car park end of the lake and the larger of the two fish were released to fight another day!

Stewart Fitzgerald from Wingrove in Buckinghamshire legered worm from the boathouse banking and took a fine conditioned over wintered Brown Trout of 6lb 8oz (see attached picture).

Meanwhile 10 year old Finnian Macmurray from Darlington landed a nice 5lb 2oz specimen from the boats on spinner (see attached picture).

There are a few buzzers coming off the lake despite the cold weather experienced of late, however expect hatches to improve as the weather warms. Surface feeding will then be stimulated and location of the fish will drastically improve. For daily updates please find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

There was a last minute capture to end our Pike season. Jane Shirley from Herts’ took a nice conditioned 17 pounder on a lucky strike lizard spoon from the car park area on a boat. Don’t forget our Pike season is now closed until the 1st October.

For all you competition anglers out there heat 2 of the Esthwaite Pairs competition will take place on Saturday 20th April. There are prizes for every contestant and heat winners and a chance to mix it with the big guns in the final, to be held on September 29th, where there will be over £3000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Also don’t forget our individual fly fishing competiton will be held on Sunday 19th May. Again there will be some fabulous prizes up for grabs and a chance to be crowned Esthwaite Individual champion 2013. Please contact the fishery for more details.

Our next discounted tuition day will be held on Sunday 21st April. This 4 hour session will start at 10am and last until 2pm. The cost is £10 per person and a fantastic way of having a taster session to learn the art of flyfishing. Please book your place in advance!

Best Regards

David Coleman M.I.F.M /  FISHERY MANAGER