Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Latest Report!


The unsettled weather that we have experienced lately is disrupting the fishing some what, however despite this fact there has been some good sport at times, especially from the boats, as the fish do there late summer disappearing act, into deeper water. Fishing from the boats has been far more productive than the bank fishing as anglers afloat have far more access to the deeper stretches of the lake. The most productive areas have been the cages area and strickland bay in the south basin and the weather buoys, grubhole and the area in front of the boathouse stretch in the north basin. Hatches of sedges and buzzer, as well as damsels have provided a window of opportunity in the evenings for the top of the water anglers. However during the daytime most of the fish have stayed deep and gorged themselves on daphnia. When conditions have been right the fish have been up in the water and hitting the fry with gusto. Advice to anglers is to go out, in a boat if you can and assess the conditions on the day of your visit. Autumn is approaching and the bulk of the fish will be back up in the water before long. If you are planning a visit soon and are not accustomed to boat fishing then try the boathouse stretch on the eastern bank or grubhole if you are flyfishing , to experience the best results!
One angler that latched into some fry feeding Brown Trout was England Youth ace John Macintosh, who fished from the boats and took his limit bag of brownies, the best fish tipping the scales at a satisfying 6lb+. All John’s fish were taken on a Di-5 sweep line in conjunction with humungus fry patterns!
Also fishing the same tactics and flies from the boats was Steven Jones from St Ives. Steve fished around the weather buoys and took 2 brownies and a rainbow to complete a successful session.
Meanwhile another fly angler, Peter Ashurst from Peterborough fished a damsel from the boats to record a nice brace of Brown Trout to 7lb+.
Best tactic of late however is worm fished deep and there has been any number of fish caught and reported to this method. Indeed Todd Marsh from Stratford on Avon fished worm 20 feet down in the middle of the north basin to record 6 rainbows and 2 brownies to 2lb+.
Daniel Pearce aged 14 from St Helens also employed this tactic and took a nice brace of rainbows, again by fishing deep at 20 feet down from the boats.
Visiting anglers from Italy Sandro Iafrancesco and Pier Marino experienced a hectic session fishing worm from the boats. The pair landed 3 rainbows and 3 browns to 2lb+, fishing only 7 feet down.
There have been one or two fish out to spinning tactics, not suprising with the number of fry there are in the lake at present. Charles Williams from Chester took a fine brace of Brown Trout to 2lb+.
As we head into September, prospects will significantly improve and the fish should come to the surface in numbers as the water cools. For up to date information please telephone on 015394 36541 , alternately please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Latest Report!


There has been a marked improvement in the fishing recently with anglers reporting good sport from both boat and bank, although the boats have been experiencing the best of the sport. Reports of good sport are also coming from anglers using all methods employed including worm and spinning tactics, as well as fly fishing. The fry feeding is well under way and as water temperatures are not as high as they normally are at this time of year, they are getting a pounding from the trout in the shallow areas of the lake. Hatches of buzzers are still good and sedges as well as damsels are featuring heavily on the trout’s menu. There are still fish out in the deeper water marks around where the cages used to be and the weather buoys up in the north basin and these fish have favoured the nutrient rich daphnia to feed upon. The best fishing is still to be had first thing in the mornings and the evenings have fished the best, over recent days!
Best recent sport was experienced by Hawkshead Angling Club member Shaun Whitaker from Peterborough who fished 2 days from the boats and employed various fry patterns on a floating line, including cats whisker, jack frost and appetisers to take 22 rainbows and browns. The majority of Shaun’s fish where taken from strickland bay, the weather buoys and the wooded section in front of the boathouse on the eastern bank.
Another fly angler who has been doing well is season ticket angler Jim Miller from Keswick. Jim has taken 18 trout in 3 visits to the fishery, all from the boats and all on a combination of fry patterns and nymphs fished on intermediate and slow sink lines.
Another season rod that had a good session last week was Bill Shortall from Southport. Bill took 5 trout from the boats on a combination of worm and spinning tactics.
Phillip Woods from Liverpool caught the best recent fish of 6lb 11oz, which was a rainbow fishing 25 feet down with worm around the weather buoys from a boat and was Phillips only fish of the day!
            Meanwhile Jamie Burns from London fished spinner from the boat to take 4 nice trout to 3lb+, again from the boats. Bob Brennan from Oldham also employed spinner and took a nice brace of trout, also from the boats.
Best areas from the bank include the point opposite the ticket office, the boathouse stretch on the eastern shore and the grubhole.
Prospects for the forthcoming weeks looks very good, as the water starts to cool and the fry feeding becomes more intense, fish will congregate nearer the surface and the fishing should remain good well into the autumn!
For up to the minute information please contact the fishery on 015394 36541. Also you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M