Thursday, 29 August 2013

The weather is now cooling down nicely, Atlantic fronts are starting to push in from the west, the water temperatures are beginning to cool and there is an overall improvement in fishing  conditions, bringing a slight autumnal feel to things in general. Excellent news for the trout fishing as the fish venture back to the surface after spending weeks daphnia feeding down at depths of 20 feet or more. Fantastic news and prospects for the forthcoming weeks look excellent too. Expect the fish to start hammering the fry and watch out for the evening rise as fish surface feed with gusto on daddies, buzzer and emerging sedge!
Season ticket angler Joe Reynolds from Barrow took a nice brace of brownies  from the boats, one on fly and the other on spinner. Meanwhile bank fisherman Mike Johnson from Co Durham also had a stunning brace of browns on damsels. One fish weighed 2lb 8oz and the other a little over 3lb. Nice grown on fish in immaculate condition! John Jones from North Wales also had a cracking session taking 4 browns to 3lb on minkies fished deep on a Di-5 line combo from the boats in the North basin.
Although the fish are starting to edge closer to the surface again, and fly fishing tactics are starting to improve the any method anglers have been having some great sport fishing worm at depth. Indeed George Swift from Devon landed 3 browns to 2lb from the boats. Harry Peterson from Harrogate also landed 3 browns to 2lb+ fishing similar tactics. The boathouse stretch on the Eastern banking is also fishing well. Zak Barry from Co Durham took 4 browns in 2 hours on legered worm.
With the school holidays still in full swing , the kids are doing well, especially from the boats. Peter Tykhin aged 14 from Russia landed a brown and rainbow brace with his parents fishing worm deep ! Also Mathew Jones aged 10 from Warrington landed a nice brace of browns, again fishing the same tactics!
The fishery received another stocking of 500+ fish again last week and over the last few stockings, there have been some very nice fish stocked indeed, including 3 Brown Trout that weighed over 19 kilos that are still uncaught.I will let you do the maths, but needless to say if you fancy latching into a personal best brownie then this is the place to be over the next few weeks. Keep up to date with all the very latest on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to fish from a boat, please contact Dave or Alex to make your booking – 015394 36541.
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M

Fishery Manager

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cooler more unsettled weather has kicked in recently and as the water temperature gradually comes down after the heatwave the fish have been showing closer to the surface and catch per unit effort is rising almost daily – good news for Trout anglers everywhere!
Despite the fishes movements up from the abyss there have been a few that are still lingering down there and making the most of the daphnia blooms. Worm anglers are by far and away encountering the best of the sport as presentation is much more difficult at depth with fly and spinning tactics. Venue regular S.Rabinowitz from Manchester fished worm from the boats and took 3 browns to 2lb+ and a cracking overwintered rainbow of 3lb. George Swift from Devon also landed a nice brace of brownies to 2lb+ employing similar tactics. Meanwhile Ian Orton from the West midlands landed the best recent fish on the same tactics which weighed in at 4lb and a lovely example of a proper grown on Stillwater Brown Trout it was too! (see attached photo)
Following on from his England Youth team gold win in Wales Esthwaite resident John Macintosh took 3 browns in quick succession fishing a cat booby on a Di-3 line from the boats. All John’s fish were taken from the weather buoys in the North basin, which has been the best hotspot on the lake, especially during the hot weather!
The school holidays are upon us and the kids have been having a whale of a time recently with a myriad of excited reports and tales of monster fish caught. The recent dry weather has helped angler visits and fishing here at Esthwaite has been a real family affair with mums and dads getting the fishing bug too. Long may this trend continue. It really is rewarding to see new people being introduced to the sport, especially the kids!
The 2013 Ethwaite Kayak Grand Slam was contested at the weekend and worthy winner Mike Taylor won the competition overall with a total fish length of 24 inches. Mike wins this years trophy and a purpose built fishing  kayak for his efforts, well done that man! (see attached photo)
For up to date information please contact Dave or Alex on 015394 36541. Also please find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the very lastest information on the fishing!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Well, well, well a summer at last! The recent heatwave has been very welcome and indeed has felt like a long time in coming. Anglers have been out in their droves, however with rocketing water temperatures, the fish have been predictably pushed into deeper water, mainly 15-25 feet, just above the thermocline and feeding hard on daphnia. Late evenings have seen the fish rise to the surface and gorge on fry and hatching sedges, however these windows of opportunity have been short lived and only the thinking angler has been able to maintain any sort of consistency by fishing free lined worm at the aforementioned depth.
Bill ward from Birmingham got the tactics just right and accounted for 3 browns to 2lb fishing worm at 20 feet around the weather buoys, meanwhile James Kirkpatrick from London accounted for a nice brace of browns to similar size using the same tactics!
With the Lake District holiday season in full swing visiting angler Pier Martino from Rome managed 3 browns to 3lb+ on deep fished worm and Keric Morris from Texas also took 3 fish on worm fished from the boats. Peter Callow however from Hamburg  opted to fish spinning tactics from the boats and took a nice brace of brownies also !
The summer Pike fishing trials are still in full swing. Hawkshead Angling club member Tim Carswell from Cockermouth landed 7 in total, the best tipping the scales at 23lb 6oz. All Tim’s fish were taken on lures from the boats. Meanwhile Geoff Birtwistle from Bury took 3 nice double figure Pike to 18lb, again on lures. (see attached photo). Don’t forget that permitted methods for Pike fishing until 1st October will be with lures and fly only!
As I write this report, we do have some cooler weather conditions prevailing. If it continues, I expect sport to improve no end and when the fish do move closer to the surface , there are masses of coarse fish fry waiting to be gorged upon, so expect sport to be electric.
Don’t forget for all the very latest information on the fishing you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or alternatively telephone the ticket office direct and speak to Dave or Alex on 015394 36541.
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M