Friday, 28 September 2012

Latest Report!


The fishing over the last couple of weeks has been challenging and the weather again very unsettled, however despite this when conditions have been right there have been some great sport reported from both boat and bank. The weather really has been all over the place and generally cold for the time of year. This has inhibited fly hatches, however there are still a few buzzers and sedges coming off the water, but surface sport is at a minimum throughout when these conditions prevail. The fry bashing however is in full swing and sinking lines and fry patterns rule with floating fry, cats whisker, zonkers and sparklers all accounting for good numbers of fish!
Peter Stone from Nottingham fished white fritz lures on an intermediate line from the boats to take 3 Brown Trout to 2lb+. Meanwhile John Macdonald from Glasgow fished minkies on a Di-3 line again from the boats to take 7 fish to 3lb+.
Peter Burgess from Kent fished a good old cats whisker on a floating line and boated a superb 5lb Brown Trout, which was his only fish of the session – but what a cracker it was.
John Sparks from Darlington followed the diving Grebes and found hectic sport up in the Swimming Pool, as the trout were hacking into fry, he employed spinner and landed 4 nice rainbows to 4lb+.
Bill Smith from Rochdale fished from the boats yesterday and landed 5 trout to 2lb on Dawson’s Olive.
Any method anglers are also doing well. Chris Jacobson from Liverpool took 4 Brown Trout. Two on worm and two on spinner from the boats.
Meanwhile Hawkshead Angling Club member Dave Bell landed two brownies from the ticket office banking. One on spinner and one on worm.
Prospects for the forthcoming weeks looks excellent. The water has cooled now and fish are back on the top and even though hatches of flies have tailed off abit the fish are present near to the surface and given the right conditions top of the water action should be good with sedge and buzzer patterns. If no fish are showing due to restricted hatches then fry patterns on a slow sink line will score well!
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Don’t forget our Pike fishing season starts on 1st October and  we anticipate a busy start, so don’t forget if you require a boat for the day, please telephone the ticket office in advance, especially on a weekend!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M